Kim Pil-suk

Miss Sushi

Called by Jason



Kim Pil-suk is a main character of Dream High 1. Kim Pil-Suk is played by the young actress Lee Ji-Eun. Kim Pil-suk first appears as a girl wearing a sushi mascot costume during the auditions. She is a girl with a beautiful voice and perfect pitch but is overweight. She likes to use her pink Guitar.


Kim Pl-Suk is madly in love with Jason. At first, she always gives candies to Jason's locker. She is determined to lose weight for she thinks that Jason will also love her if she loses weight, which she does. She becomes Jason's girlfriend at the end. She was jealous when Jason called someone (Julia, his sister), and said "I love you" and "I miss you". At the same time, Jason was jealous whenever she met up with Song Sam Dong.


  • The stuffed toy she brings at school was Jason.