Kirin Art School


Kirin Art School is the school where Go Hye Mi, Yoon Baek Hee, Song Sam Dong, Hyun Shi-Hyuk, Kim Pil-Sook, Jason.

About Edit

Kirin High School is one of the most prestigious art schools in the nation and has produced a number of famous stars. Unbefitting of its fame, the school has a class of students who have no chance of success. The class members include Jin-gook, the troublemaker; Hye-mi who was forced to enter the school due to her family’s financial troubles; Sam-dong, a country boy who doesn’t know anything about music; and Pil-suk, an obese girl with a gawky smile on her face. Overcoming the biases and prejudices of others, the students aspire to become superstars.

As the drama unfolds, Jin-gook debuts as a singer, Sam-dong’s talent as a composer blossoms, and Hye-mi finds her musical sensitivity. Pil-suk not only loses weight, but discovers her strong determination and musical individuality. But, despite their best efforts, a myriad of obstacles, challenges, and unexpected pitfalls await them.